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Tutors are available in the library after school Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 3:10 & 4:10. There will be teachers available to tutor and assist any student in their designated subject areas on these specific days. We encourage all students who need academic support to come to the library to receive that support. California Scholarship Federation students will also be available to assist students on all days tutoring is offered.


You can talk with your teacher to see if they offer any at lunch or after school help. Also, check with your counselor about getting a Tutoring list where you can be tutored by a student for a small fee.

These are some useful free websites available for tutoring:

Khan Academy- A donor-supported, not for profit website designed to help students learn what they want, when they want, at their own pace.

HippoCampus: Homework & Study Help- The goal of HippoCampus is to provide high-quality, multi-media content on general education subjects to high school and college students free of charge. The website uses Adobe Flash, make sure you have Adobe Flash Player 7.0 or higher installed on your system.