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Students in the Community

Biotechnology Field Trip

On Friday, November 8, the second year biotechnology students visited UC Davis to learn about the agricultural biotechnology research and programs at the University. In the morning, graduate students in the biotechnology program at UC Davis gave short lectures on their research and then lead a campus tour for the SSFUSD students. At lunch, the group connected with SSFUSD alumni now attending US Davis, including students who are majoring in biotechnology. In the afternoon, students participated in a series of activities to help them learn about different aspects of agricultural biotechnology, including a tour of the research greenhouses, an exploration of domesticated food crops and their wild counterparts, and an introduction to transgenic plants in which students saw glow-in-the-dark tomato seedlings. 

BioTech Field Trip

La Raza Youth Conference
La Raza

Grads in the Community

Congratulations to ECHS graduate Patricia Manubay for being named a 50 Fund Rookie Playmaker!  Read more about Patricia and the 50 Fund here.