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Schedule Changes

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my schedule?

Each year, during the spring semester ECHS counselors enter classrooms and conduct a transcript review with each 9th, 10th and 11th grade student. During this presentation students are given their course request form. Students are to bring this form home and communicate with their parents the courses they plan to take for the upcoming year. Signatures of both student and parent are required and the course request forms are due no later March 1st. The course requests must be finalized in order to create a master schedule for the following year. Teacher assignments cannot be allocated until the master schedule is built. There is limited flexibility in making course changes once the master schedule is built. If you feel there are compelling or serious extenuating circumstances that warrant a course change after the deadline (see “Compelling Reasons for a Schedule Change” information below), please contact your guidance counselor for next steps. It is important to remember that the counselors are not at ECHS during the summer. They return one week before students in August.

Is there a way students can select their teacher for a particular course?

ECHS does not accommodate particular teacher choices. The counseling department and staff at El Camino take pride in preparing students for life after high school. A very important life skill students should learn is dealing with different personalities and teaching styles. Many students tend to listen to what their friends suggest instead of being their own decider. Although it is true that students have different learning styles and teachers have different teaching styles, if we were to accommodate a “favorite” teacher, imagine what the real world of college and work would be like.

Is there a way students can select a specific period for a particular course?

Once each students course request is entered and generated into the Master schedule counselors spend time balancing classes and spreading the teacher loads equitably. It is important to keep class sizes equal and not over load any one particular class. 

Is there a way a student can have a period off?

Students are required to take six periods each school day. The only time a student may be able to take a period off is in the second semester of their senior year if credits permit. Students starting in the 11th grade do have the option to take work experience if they have a job and may work during 5th and 6th period. Work experience is a class that you are accepted into, so if you think this might work for you see your counselor for further details.

Compelling Reasons for a Schedule Change

Reasons for a class change after the Spring deadline may include:

·         CST test scores justify alternative placement

·         Scheduling conflict

·         Scheduling error

·         Original course request could not be fulfilled

·         Second semester final grade (higher or lower) changes course recommendation

·         Summer school grade changes current placement


Schedule changes WILL NOT be made for the following:


·         Period preference

·         Teacher preference

·         Student conflict

·         Classroom location