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    Your teachers cannot respond to any messages you send using your school Google account. Your Google accounts are not set up to receive email.  Use the LoopMail feature of your School Loop account to send email messages to your teachers.

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    The counselors have created a distance learning website with information and resources for both students and parents. Click here to view the site.

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    Colt Field Lighting Project

    Please click here for the EIR report for the Colt Field lighting project.

    ECHS Accreditation

    ECHS would like to proudly announce that the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges has determined that El Camino High School meets the ACS WASC criteria for accreditation.  It is decision of the Commission to grant ECHS a SIX-YEAR term of accreditation.  Please click here to read the commendation letter. 

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    Attention ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES: In order to participate in any of our after school athletic teams your must have a parent or legal guardian complete the following registration on the Sportsnet website. 

    For all incoming 9th graders, first-time athletes, or student transfers – you must CREATE AN ACCOUNT

    • You need a SSFSUD student ID to register. 
    • Incoming 9th graders retain their student ID from middle school (Alta Loma, Parkway Heights, Westborough Middle School only!)   
    • Students new to the district will be given a student ID once they are official enrolled at El Camino
    • An uploaded, current physical indicating clearance for competitive, after school athletics is required for clearance to begin participation.  (Physical forms can be found on the Sportsnet website)  

    For returning 10th, 11th, & 12th Grade ATHLETES

    • Access the Sportsnet Website using your email address and password from last year.  If you forgot your log-in or password, completion of the entire packet may be required again.
    • All information is kept from last year and proceed through each page only making changes when necessary.
    • The parent/guardian, as well as the student-athlete, will still need to sign electronically when a signature(s) is required.
    • A new updated physical is needed in order to get your registration cleared to begin participation.  Physicals on file expire one year from the date of the examination.

    Click on the link below for access:

    Student-Athlete Registration

    Class of 2020 Awards Show

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    Message from ECHS Administration

    Good morning ECHS Parents and Students.

    At last night's board meeting, district administration announced that all May school activities have been cancelled.  I want to clarify a few points regarding this announcement:

    • Several school activities in May have been cancelled already but many students and families were wondering what would happen to events such as Prom and other activities (e.g, Senior Sunset, Grad Night, end of the year dance, etc.)  Those have all been cancelled. The only exception for consideration is our graduation ceremony. 

    • Many students had already purchased tickets for Prom.  Those students and families will receive a reimbursement.  Please know that the process of reimbursement make take a few weeks to finalize.  More information will be communicated to those families soon regarding the steps on how to receive a reimbursement.

    • GRADUATION HAS NOT BEEN CANCELLED but there is current discussion on how it will take place - either virtually on May 29th or postponed to another date.  Details of the options for Graduation were presented at last night's Board meeting. District administration, site administration and our Board will be looking at information regarding those options, which includes discussing models for graduation that schools in our area have adopted.  An extremely important source of information will be based on the feedback from 12th grade students, their parents, and staff via the district's survey that was sent to those students and families yesterday via School Loop. Our district is committed to making sure that we provide a graduation ceremony that honors the accomplishments of the Class of 2020 in a safe and responsible manner. The Board and district administration will re-visit their discussion on graduation at the next Board meeting on Thursday, April 23rd. 

    We know that this news is disappointing for our Seniors and that it has been difficult for all of our students to realize that they will not be able to experience in-class learning, socialization with classmates, and school activities for the remainder of the school year.  I am a parent of a Senior myself and I know it has been difficult for her and her classmates to realize that they will not experience those traditional activities. Please know that we are committed to supporting our students, families, and staff during this difficult time and we will continue to provide updates and support as we receive that information.  Part of that support can be found on our new Counseling website found here.


    ECHS Administration


    Buenos días, padres y estudiantes de ECHS

    En la reunión de la junta de anoche, la administración del distrito anunció que todas las actividades escolares de mayo fueron canceladas. Quiero aclarar algunos puntos con respecto a este anuncio:

    • Ya se han cancelado varias actividades escolares en mayo, pero muchos estudiantes y familias se preguntaban qué pasaría con eventos como el baile de graduación y otras actividades (por ejemplo, Sunset Senior, Grad Night, baile de fin de año, etc.). La única excepción a considerar es nuestra ceremonia de graduación.

    • Muchos estudiantes ya habían comprado boletos para el baile de graduación. Esos estudiantes y familias recibirán un reembolso. Tenga en cuenta que el proceso de reembolso puede demorar algunas semanas en finalizar. Pronto se comunicará más información a esas familias sobre los pasos sobre cómo recibir un reembolso.

    • La graduación no ha sido cancelada. pero hay una discusión actual sobre cómo se llevará a cabo, ya sea virtualmente el 29 de mayo o pospuesto para otra fecha. Los detalles de las opciones para la graduación se presentaron en la reunión de la Junta de anoche. La administración del distrito, la administración del sitio y nuestra Junta buscarán información sobre esas opciones, lo que incluye discutir los modelos de graduación que las escuelas de nuestra área han adoptado. Una fuente de información extremadamente importante se basará en los comentarios de los estudiantes de 12º grado, sus padres y el personal a través de la encuesta del distrito que se envió ayer a esos estudiantes y familias a través de School Loop. Nuestro distrito se compromete a garantizar que proporcionemos una ceremonia de graduación que honre los logros de la Clase de 2020 de una manera segura y responsable. La Junta y la administración del distrito volverán a visitar su discusión sobre la graduación en la próxima reunión de la Junta el jueves 23 de abril.

    Sabemos que esta noticia es decepcionante para nuestros estudiantes de último año y que ha sido difícil para todos nuestros estudiantes darse cuenta de que no podrán experimentar el aprendizaje en clase, la socialización con sus compañeros y las actividades escolares durante el resto del año escolar.  Yo también soy padre de un estudiante de último año y sé que ha sido difícil para ella y sus compañeros darse cuenta de que no experimentarán esas actividades tradicionales. Tenga en cuenta que estamos comprometidos a apoyar a nuestros estudiantes, familias y personal durante este momento difícil y continuaremos brindando actualizaciones y apoyo a medida que recibamos esa información. Parte de ese soporte se puede encontrar en nuestro nuevo sitio web de Asesoramiento que se encuentra en el siguiente enlace: Click here.


    Administración de ECHS

    SSFUSD Extends School Dismissals to End of Year

    Dear SSFUSD Community,

    This afternoon, Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara county superintendents, in collaboration with the public health officers in their respective counties, announced the decision to extend student dismissals from school and modified school operations, including at-home distance learning, through the end of this school year.

    Last week, we issued an update highlighting announcements by Governor Gavin Newsom and State Superintendent Tony Thurmond, in which they alluded to the possibility of such an extension. At that time, neither the Governor or State Superintendent issued a directive nor an order formalizing their announcements, despite what may have circulated through news outlets.

    We understand that this has caused confusion within many school and district communities throughout the state. In our April 1st communication, we indicated that we would be preparing for school dismissals and distance learning to continue through the end of the school year. This was a proactive approach to remain as prepared as possible for changes we anticipated in the foreseeable future. Please be assured that SSFUSD decisions about our operations, including this extension of student dismissals and distance learning, will continue to be based upon the directives and recommendations of our local health officials and governing authorities.

    SSFUSD remains deeply committed to enhancing our current at-home learning experiences, providing ongoing professional learning to our educators, and further developing our capacity to leverage technology for the facilitation and enhancement of instruction. We will continue to support at-home distributive learning and other essential services through the end of the school year.

    We applaud the efforts of our entire community who are helping to facilitate learning at home. We realize this is a challenging arrangement, as managing work and family responsibilities, while overseeing your child’s learning activities at home, is certainly a difficult task for all families. While we understand how stressful this can be, we recommend the following mindfulness resources to help aid in alleviating stress:

    Thank you for your enduring support, patience, and partnership. Our warmest wishes and thoughts go to all of our families. Please continue to practice responsible safety precautions to stay healthy.


    Shawnterra Moore, Ed.D.


    Estimada comunidad de SSFUSD,

    Esta tarde, los superintendentes de educación de los condados de Alameda, Contra Costa, Marín, San Francisco, San Mateo y Santa Clara, en colaboración con los oficiales de salud pública de sus respectivos condados, anunciaron la decisión de cerrar las escuelas hasta el fin de este año escolar.

    Puede ver la comunicación completa aquí.

    La semana pasada, el gobernador de California Gavin Newsom y el superintendente de educación estatal Tony Thurmond dijeron que es posible que las escuelas se queden cerradas por todo el estado. En ese momento, ni el gobernador ni el superintendente ordenaron el cierre de las escuelas hasta el verano, a pesar de lo que ha circulado en las noticias.

    Entendemos que esto ha causado mucha confusión. En nuestra comunicación del 1 de abril, indicamos que estabamos preparandonos para el cierre de las escuelas y el aprendizaje a distancia hasta el verano, porque anticipabamos el futuro. Las decisiones del SSFUSD sobre nuestras operaciones, incluyendo el cierre de las escuelas y la continuación del aprendizaje a distancia estarán basadas en las instrucciones y recomendaciones de los oficiales de salud y las autoridades gubernamentales.

    SSFUSD intenta seguir mejorando la experiencia del aprendizaje a distancia y la capacitación de nuestros maestros. Planeamos aumentar nuestra tecnología para facilitar y apoyar el aprendizaje a distancia y otros servicios esenciales.

    Aplaudimos los esfuerzos de toda nuestra comunidad que están ayudando a facilitar el aprendizaje a distancia. Sabemos que esta es una situación desafiante. Trabajando mientras cuidandose a los niños y haciendo tarea en la casa es difícil para todas las familias. Eso es la razón recomendamos los siguientes recursos para aliviar el estrés:
    Gracias por su apoyo, paciencia y colaboración. Por favor siga practicando precauciones de seguridad responsables para mantenerse saludable.

    Shawnterra Moore, Ed.D.

    Futurelab Scholarship Winners!

    Congratulations to this year's Futurelab Scholarship winners: Alexandro Anguiano, Christopher Kwong, Amanda Sayaseng, Madelyn Joe and Alondra Galindo!


    Join the Link Crew!

    Help out the incoming Freshmen class transition to high school and join Link Crew!  Plan social events and check in with them throughout the year.  Current Sophomores and Juniors apply to become a Link Crew Leader.  Current Freshmen apply to join A-Team, the all star support crew.  Apply today!

    Link CrewLink Crew


    ECHS Softball Field

    Good afternoon El Camino Family!

    I am happy to announce that construction on our new Softball field will begin on Monday, November 4th.  We are very excited that our softball players will be able to practice and play games on our campus in the near future.  The coaches, athletic directors, players, and their families/friends have worked hard over the past several years to advocate for our student-athletes and to communicate the need for this field.  We are grateful to our Board Trustees and the SSFUSD Facilities department for making this a reality. The new Softball field will be an artificial turf field that will be installed on the outdoor basketball court area near the small gym (see flyer). 

    The construction will likely take place during the next several months.  During construction the pedestrian and drive-in gates off of Evergreen (near the three-way stop intersection) will be only for construction access.  Students, staff, and community members will NOT be able to use that pedestrian gate to access the school during construction. Updates on progress and other important information will be communicated in the future.  Thank you for your cooperation.


    Daniel Lunt, ECHS Principal


    SSFUSD Calendar


    Congratulations to the ECHS Leadership program for winning the California Association of Student Leaders: Outstanding Leadership Program Award!



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    Absences are only excused with a signed note by the parent.  We do not accept phone calls to excuse absences. 

    If your student needs to leave early and does NOT have a parent’s note, the parent needs to come in and show photo ID.


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