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Acids and Bases

Acids and Bases Webquest

ZOOM Kitchen Chemistry at PBS

Definitions of acids and bases and the role of water at Purdue University.

Acids and bases, an introduction at Visionlearning.

1.  Use the above websites to define terms a-c and find examples for d-g.

a. Arrhenius Acids and Bases

b.  Bronstead/Lowry Acids and Bases

c.  Lewis Acids and Bases

d.  Name five common strong acids.

e.  Name five common weak acids.

f.  Name one common strong base.

g.  Name one common weak base.


2.  Using the above websites, name some common acids and bases you might find around the house that you haven't mentioned in 1d through 1g.

3.  Acid Rain

What is Acid Rain and What Causes It? at the Environmental Protection Agency

Acid Rain Students Site at the Environmental Protection Agency

a.  What is acid rain and what causes it?

b.  Draw the picture of how acid rain develops: = = =

c.  What are the primary causes of acid rain?

d.  How do we measure acid rain?

e.  What pH does acid rain have?

f.  Acid rain creates problems with crop production.  Using your understanding of how acid rain develops and how it hinders agricultural processes, propose a means for eliminating the acid rain problem.

g.  Describe in detail how acid rain affects two of the following: Surface waters (lakes and streams), forests, automotive coatings, materials, visibility, human health.

4.  Heartburn

Heartburn and Indigestion at Quickcare

a.  What is heartburn?

b.  Name three things you can do to prevent heartburn.

c.  Name five foods to avoid when trying to prevent heartburn.

d.  Name four activities you should avoid to prevent heartburn.

e.  What prescription drugs might your doctor prescribe for heartburn?

f.  What should you avoid to prevent your stomach from producing extra acid?

g.  What can you do to prevent acid indigestion?


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