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Athlete Biography

You will select and athlete (and sport connected to the athlete) and write an essay on what you learn about your topic through research.

Follow these steps:

1.  Choose an athlete and sport to research.  Choose a sport that does not use a ball.

2.  Write out ten (10) questions you would ask this athlete if you were to interview him or her.  At least four (4) of the questions must be open-ended.  Open-ended questions ask "how" or "why".  Closed-ended questions ask "who", "what", "when" and "where".  For example, "when was my athlete born?" is a close-ended question.  "Why did my athlete choose this sport as a career?" is an open-ended question.

To help you complete this step, visit the Biography Maker questioning page, and follow the steps there to generate your list of questions.

3.  With your list of questions as a guide to research, locate articles about your athlete from the library's print and electronic resources.  Identify at least three (3) sources of information for your works cited list. To look for magazine or newspaper articles, search the Gale databases.  (Get the login ID and password from library staff.)

4.  Use your list of questions to take notes on what you find.  If you find something interesting that you hadn't thought to ask, expand your list of questions and add the information you find!

Create citations of your sources using the an online generator.  Obtain login information from library staff.  Additionally, create notecards for each source you use.  Print out both the notecards and turn them in with your biography paper.

5.  Present your information in an essay, not in question/answer form.

Make use of the Six Traits of Writing at the Biography Maker when writing your essay.

6.  When complete, turn in your list of questions, your essay and your notecards.