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Homer and the Odyssey


 Who was Homer?  What do we know about him?

How much of the story of the Trojan War is historical?

Research the Greek gods and goddesses.  Briefly describe the most important ones.

Outline the events leading to the Trojan War (hint: begin with a very special beauty pageant).

 Identify and explain the significance of each of the following persons: Agamemnon, Menelaus, Helen, Priam, and Paris.

  • Greek People list at Encyclopedia Mythica.  Find the names in the index list on the left.

Who was the Greeks' main champion? The Trojans'? How did each one die?

  • Achilles article in the Encyclopedia Mythica
  • Achilles article in Wikipedia
  • Hector article in the Encyclopedia Mythica
  • Hector article in Wikipedia

How long did the Trojan War last? How did it finally end?

 Describe the character of Odysseus. What was his Roman name?


page update March 5, 2017