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Work Permits

How Do I Get a Work Permit?

Three Easy Steps

1.  Get hired (provisionally).

2.  Obtain a "Request for Work Permit and Intent to Employ" from the counseling department.  This form requires a signature from you, your new employer, and your parents.

3.  Turn in the work permit to the Work Experience Coordinator (Mr. Yanover).

California law requires workers under 18 years old who have not graduated from high school or earned an equivalent degree to obtain a work permit prior to beginning paid work.  Permits are issued to workers aged 12-17 years old in compliance with state and federal laws.  After the employer agrees to hire a minor, the minor then obtains from his or her school a "Request for a Work Permit and Intent to Employ."  This form is completed by the minor and the employer and must be signed by the parent.  These forms should be submitted to an individual at the school who has been authorized to grant the permits (such as the Work Experience Coordinator).  These forms are available in the Counseling Office and Work Experience Office at El Camino High School.  Students must submit a valid identification to verify age at the time form is submitted.