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8/1/18 6:51 PM
8/20/17 11:20 AM
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Ms. Bernabe


I look forward to an exciting and fun school year! This year, I'll be teaching Algebra I and Precalculus. You will find helpful information and links on this page so visit often. If you have any questions, please email me. 


A little bit about me.


I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Astrophysics (Physics Concentration in Astronomy) at San Francisco State University and my teaching credential in math and science at Notre Dame de Namur University. This is my eight year at South San Francisco Unified School District: six years as a math teacher at Parkway Heights Middle School and now at El Camino High School. Prior to teaching in this district, I worked as a physics and math teacher at Mercy High School in Burlingame. 


If I'm not working, I'm likely spending time with friends and family, playing the guitar, singing, exploring the natural world and being involved in the community. 

Solution to Spring Semester Review


Spring Final Review Answer Key

Unit 7 Review Answer Key

1)C 2)C 3)C 4) 5)C 6)A 7)B 8)D 9)B
10)B 11)C 12)C 13)D 14)C 15)D 16)D 17)B 18)C

4) 125.7 rad/min,1759.3 in/min


Unit 7  Study Guide Blank                       Unit 7 Study Guide Key 


Unit 8 Review Answer Key

1)A 2)C 3)A or B 4)B 5)D 6)C 7)B 8)A 9)B
10)D 11) 12) 13) 14)C 15)B or C 16)D    


Unit 8 Study Guide Blank                       Unit 8 Study Guide Key


Unit 9 Review Answer Key

1)D 2)A 3)B 4)A 5)C 6)C 7)D 8)B 9)C
10)A 11)B 12)-1 13) -sinB 14) 0, pi, 5pi/6 15) 3pi/2, 5pi/4      


Unit 9 Study Guide Blank                           Unit 9 Study Guide Key


Unit 10 Review Answer Key


2)D 3)A 4)A 5)C 6)B 7)B 9)C 11)B  


8)  r= -4cot(ø)csc(ø) 10)<53.58, 53.58> 12. 61.76, 53 degrees

13) (3, -pi/3)

(3, 5pi/3)

(-3, 2pi/3)

(-3, -4pi/3)


15) -1 +root3 16) 2root10 cis (127.76o) 17)r=3tanøsecø 18) r=8cosø-2sinø
20) (x+2)2+(y-5)2= 29 21)-15/2 -15root(3)/2i 22) -root(2)/3+root(2)/3i 23) -729i

14)(2.5, 11pi/12)

(2.5, -13pi/12)

(-2.5, 23pi/12)

(-2.5, -pi/12)

24)  -8-8root(3)i 19) y= - 8


Correction #1) component of  RS < -6, 8 >


Unit 10 Study  Guide Blank                 Unit 10 Study Guide Key


Unit 11 Review Answer Key

1)D 2)C 3)B 4)C 5)A 6)A 7)B 8)D 9)B

10) x2/100  -  y2/64 =1

11) y= 24(x-11) 12) (x-10)2/100  - (y+1)2/25 = 1
13) (x-10)2/64  - (y-8)2 = 1

14) (1, -4) (1, -5)(1,-3), (1, -1.76)(1,-6.23)

      y = 0.5 (x-1)-4, 2.23




Unit  11 Study Guide Blank             Unit 11 Study Guide Key



Unit 12 Review Answer Key

1)A 2)C 3)C 4)D 5)4.8 7)$15,843.80 8)16,549  


6) (1/6) (2/3)n-1   , converge

Topics from Semester

1)B 2)D 3)C 4)D



Scavenger Hunt Sequences, Series and Summation Notation


Unit 11 Review Answer Key


Unit 10 Review Polar Equations and Vectors


Video Example Polar Form to Rectangular Form and Vice Versa


Scavenger Hunt Answer Key


Unit 9 Study Guide Answer Key


Video Explanation Study Guide #29 and 31


Extra Credit City Population and Sunrise/Sunset Project (Quiz Grade) Precalculus


City Sign Up List


  • Every group should have a unique city. If the city that you want is taken, sign up for another city. Your project will NOT count if you do a city that's already taken.



Video Example Solving Equations


Quiz Review #4 Key


Sub Plans Tuesday March 5

Precalculus students:

  • Please turn in Unit 8 Notes (CW #1-6) including the Study Guide and the Scavenger Hunt (Composition of Trigonometric Functions).
  • Watch the video below and complete  the Sub Work WS.

  •  Hw is to complete the rest of the WS and to complete HW #23 Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions.

Unit 8 Review

Answer Key Review Graphing Sine and Cosine Function (Quiz #3)


Graphing Sine, Cosine and Tangent Function

Desmos Activity Graphing sine and cosine function part 1

Sign in to your school account in order to save your work. Click on the link below.  

Unit 7 Review Answer Key

Mistakes on the Unit 7 Review Packet: (please fix)

  • #12) Find cot (theta) 
  • #17) cot (theta) = undefined   NOT cos( theta)
  • #22) DF=16m   NOT EF


Sub Plans Monday January 28

Precalculus students:

  • Watch the two videos below.


  • Complete the rest of the packet and Hw #11 WS.

See you on Tuesday!

Ms. Bernabe

Sub Plans Friday January 25

Precalculus students:

  • Please watch the video below. (click on the icon)
  • Take notes.

  • Your classwork is to complete the rest of the packet including the word problems.  (The video says to ignore the word problems. That's incorrect, I expect you to complete the word problems.) 
  • Check your answers. If you still have questions, be prepared to ask them on Tuesday.
  • Homework is on mymathlab Hw#10. (It's only 5 problems)

Happy Friday!


Ms. Bernabe

Hw #8 Key Right Triangle Trigonometry Review



Right Triangle Trigonometry Application Video and the 16 Point Unit Circle



Intro to Trigonometry Review and Hw #2 Answer Key



Final Review Classwork



Fall Semester Final Review Answer Key

Unit 6 Review Answer

Section 3 #2) Inverse should be + (e^(x-5))^(1/2)) not +/-. We only take the + square roots since the domain of ln x is (0, infinity). 




Unit 4 Review Answer Key


Polynomial Challenge on Desmos

Polynomial Challenge #1: Polynomial End Behavior and Possible Number of Extrema and Real Zeros

Polynomial Challenge #2: Polynomial Zeros and its Multiplicity

Unit 3 Review Answer Key


Finding the Inverse Function and its Domain


Practice Quiz #4 and Hw #24 Key



Desmos Graphing Stories

Desmos Link Graphing Stories Precalculus


Period 1


Period 3 


Period 4


Period 5


Homework #18 Answer Key and Video on Domain

Homework #16 Answer Key


Unit 1 Review and Quiz # 2 Key Version A and B




Quiz Version A Blank              Quiz Version A Answer Key




Quiz Version B Blank              Quiz Version B Answer Key


Simplifying Complex Fractions


Answer Key Practice Quiz #2 and More Practice WS


Finding the Vertex Form Equation of a Quadratic Function




Answer Key Hw#4


Writing Equations and Graphing Linear Functions


Evaluating Functions Example Video (Precalculus)


Math Questionnaire Homework

Math Questionnaire


Click on the link and answer the questions on the math questionnaire. I want to learn more about you and your math background. 


You have to sign in to your google drive account for school  (  in order to view the questionnaire.


Ms. Bernabe

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