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Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better.


Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. Below you can read a bit about myself, my education and my teaching philosophy. Let me start by saying "Hi."


My name is Aaron Haffner. I grew up near El Camino High on the coast in the small town of Montara and went to high school in Pacifica attending Terra Nova High. At Terra Nova I took classes up to Trigonometry before electing to take statistics in preparation for my desired major in college.


I majored in Research Psychology and attended College of San Mateo before Transferring to University of California Santa Cruz. There I studied under several professors learning about the various fields of Psychology and how to apply advanced research statistics when conducting studies.


After college I took a few years off traveling the world. Upon my return I decided that graduate school was not an investment I wanted to make. Instead I remembered my past jobs and the joy I felt working with children. I had always loved math in high school and wanted to pass those experiences on to others.


I attended San Francisco State University and put myself through the credential program where I studied with different professors who taught a variety of tools to help keep students engaged and create a family atmosphere in the classroom. I also had the privilege of studying under Judy Kysh who pioneered different teaching styles and the CPM Educational Programs.


My experiences in the credential program fostered a desire to teach math in a way that developed understanding over memorization. I implemented this desire at my previous school by helping students learn how to approach a problem and critically think about their solutions to check their approach.


This is an approach I intend to bring into the classroom here at El Camino. I plan to focus my classes on building problem solving skills and conceptual understanding so that students finish the year with knowledge that lasts a lifetime and skills to help them through college and into adulthood.


Thank you for getting to know your child's teacher a little better. Hopefully, together the two of us can take an active role in their education.

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