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Ms. Ellis

Welcome to History (or Algebra 1) with Ms. Ellis!!!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! This is my second year at El Camino, and I am very excited to be either your United States History or Algebra 1 teacher this year! That's right, I will be covering a section of Algebra 1 as well. But that's ok - I actually almost became a math teacher! I have significant experience in teaching math; I just decided that I love teaching history even more. And in my history classes, everyone is a historian, and together, we will explore the past and its ramifications for the present and future. Remember - history is is an argument about the past, and because arguments are inherently up for interpretation, that is one of the major skills we will develop this year.


A little about myself: I grew up in Santa Rosa (60 miles north on Hwy 101), and I will always be a Nor-Cal person at heart. My family actually lived in San Francisco from when they immigrated here from Ireland in the 1910s to the 1970s when they moved to Santa Rosa. However, I betrayed my family heritage and went down to SoCal to double major in History and the Study of Religion at UCLA! While there, I worked with several social justice groups, including the Dolores Huerta Labor Institute and the Black Panthers, which instilled in me a dedication to people's history and empowering people through education. After attending Claremont Graduate University for two years to be trained as a college professor in History of Religions (primarily North American Religions, Mormon Studies, and Women's Studies), I ended up discovering that my passion actually lies more in teaching at the secondary level. I then moved to Irvine to earn my Master’s degree and credential at UC Irvine. After all that time spent down south, I'm very excited to return to my roots and the beautiful foggy skies of the Bay Area! Currently, I live in Pittsburg with my significant other, Mr. L, and three cats: Tonks, Bombadil, and Belaerys.


I look forward to meeting you all! Please come and visit me in Room 16 any time during the day or by appointment after school! This should be a great year, and go Colts!

Catrina Ellis Locker