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Erin Perusse


Greetings and Welcome!! I am currently teaching AP U.S History, Economics, Government, and AVID. I am a graduate of SFSU in History, and working toward a graduate degree- Race, gender, and class relations in Colonial Latin America. There is a wide range of overlap between the language arts and social studies and in my classes students receive a coherent historical analysis of all materials. I believe that this context enhances students ability to understand the relevance of the subjects under study. This is reflected in social and literary themes we study in class.

I grew up in the midwestern state of Minnesota. However I am not a country girl, Minneapolis, MN is a very cosmopolitan city. I moved to California to escape the horribly cold winters. I enjoy the year round outdoor activities of California living. I enjoy camping, hiking, bicycling, and just about anything you can do outside. Before beginning a career as an educator I ran a small landscaping business. I retain an obsessive interest in all things natural- plants, sustainable design, and gardening. I am the mother of two young children who are the center of my life. I love music and most of my classes involve the analysis of materials through music. My other interests involve playing the Theremin, the original electronic instrument, and investigating the most current ideas of sustainable design.

Ms. Perusse

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