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Greek Mythology

Useful Links

Theoi Greek Mythology - The THEOI Project web site is a comprehensive collection of encyclopedia articles, maps, galleries, and guides for learning about Greek mythology. In particular, this site focuses on ancient Greek gods, spirits, and monsters.

Encyclopedia Mythica

Bulfinch's Mythology - Popular translation of Greek myths.

Classical Mythology  - Begin with the table of contents within the "About the Book" link.  If you see a chapter that interests you select "Student Resources" ----> "Chapter Materials" from the menu on the left.

MythWeb - Stories about the heroes, gods, and monsters of Greek mythology.

Greek Mythology Link  - Comprehensive guide to myths of Greece, containing sections on major events in Greek mythology; individual entries for divine, mortal, and semi-divine characters; genealogical tables; maps; a bibliography of ancient and modern sources; and an extensive set of links to sites of Classical interest.

Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to the Fall of the Last Tyrant


Greek Gods and Religious Practices  - Metropolitan Museum of Art

Timeless Myths - Begin with the "Classical Mythology" link

The Immortals  - a list

The Greeks  - PBS companion website

Ancient Greece

Hercules  - Greece's Greatest Hero

Ancient Greece  - from the BBC

Ancient Olympic Games  - from Penn Museum



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