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2019-2020 Course Selection

Current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students will select courses in February of 2018 for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. Counselors visit English and Social Studies classrooms and give a scheduling presentation covering topics such as course offerings, transcript review, graduation requirements, “a-g” college requirements and credit recovery options. Students bring their scheduling forms home to discuss course selections with a parent and/or guardian and obtain required signatures. Students are given a one week period to return their scheduling form back to their teacher. Two weeks from the counselors’ initial classroom visit, each English class comes to the library for a return visit and each student has an individual meeting with their counselor to review course selections. Students signing up for Honors or Advanced Placement Courses are required to get specific teacher recommendation signatures as well as turn in a signed student/parent course contract.

*El Camino Counselors would like to stress the importance of parent involvement during the course selection process. It is essential to the overall success of the educational planning process. Parents and students should have a clear understanding of the nature and rigor of Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses before enrolling in the class. Parents and students are encouraged to attend the AP parent informational night. All students taking AP courses are expected to take their respective exams in May.     

*Students are programmed for yearlong courses and will be required to stay in the course for the entire year.       


Current eighth grade students attending a South San Francisco Unified School District middle school (Alta Loma, Westborough, and Parkway) will select courses when El Camino counselors visit them in January of 2018. Counselors present the El Camino high graduation requirements, “a-g” college requirements and students are given a scheduling card. Students current English and Math teachers give course recommendations and students are to bring their scheduling card home to discuss course selections with a parent/guardian and obtain required signatures. Approximately two weeks from the counselors initial visit they return for a second visit with current Peer Leaders who give a presentation about what to expect in high school. During this time your student meets individually with an EC counselor and reviews his or her class selections. Parents are encouraged to attend 8th grade parent night at El Camino high school (fliers for the event given to student during Counselor visits at middle school).


New students to South San Francisco Unified School District and El Camino High School will select courses during their appointment with an El Camino Counselor. Once the registration process is complete you will be able to pick an appointment time. Please refer to School Loop's home page for registration dates and times or call our Registrar to inquire.


The following is necessary to enroll:

  1. Verification of Residence (either one)
  • PG&E Bill in guardian's name
  • Residency Statement (District Office)
  • Open Enrollment/Inter District Transfer (District Office)
  1. Guardian I.D.
  2. Current immunization records
  3. Student's birth certificate/passport
  4. Most Current report card or transcript

For the 2019-2020 Program Planning Handbook, please click HERE.


For the 2019-20 AP Packet, please click HERE.