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Staff Directory

Angeles, Lea English Teacher
Balamiento, Fe Special Education Teacher
Ballman, Peter English Teacher
Bannister, Brock (650) 877-8806 ex.6020 Counselor Reh-Z
Bernabe, Toni Math Teacher
Bochow, Michel Spanish Teacher
Bostwick, James Social Science Teacher
Briano, James Assistant Principal
Britton, Daniel Spanish Teacher
Brown, Jamahl Special Education Teacher
Connery, Megan Math Teacher
Cosico, Jeff Physical Education Teacher
Cresta, James Health Teacher, Industrial Technology Teacher
Davis, Lisa (650) 877-8806 ex.6013 Counseling Secretary
Dielacher, Yamila (650) 877-8806 ex.6027 Career Center Coordinator
Egan, Colleen (650) 877-8806 ex.6007 Attendance Secretary
Elder, Judy Reprographics Technician
Ellis, Catrina Social Science Teacher
Feng, Victoria (650) 877-8806 ex.6014 Testing Secretary
Finacom, Richard Math Teacher
Galela, Ray Performing Arts Teacher (Band, Chorus)
Gassaway, Michael Social Science Teacher
Glines, Michael Health Services Technician
Gonzalez, Maricela (650) 877-8806 ex.6002 Main Office Secretary
Gramegna, Gabrielle Art Teacher
Guevara, Treena Art Teacher
Haffner, Aaron Math Teacher
Hamilton, Brian Math/Science Teacher
Haynes, Ron Security
Herbert, Jeannette (650) 877-8806 ex.6018 Counselor Dig-L
Ho, Hoang Math Teacher
Jackson, Clare Assistant Principal
Jacobson, Eric Physical Education Teacher
Janero, Laura Security
Jordan, David Earth and Biology Science Teacher
Jordan, Jolene Science Teacher
Kahnert, Edward School Psychologist
Kwan, Tiffany Social Science Teacher
Laveglia, Christopher Social Science Teacher
Lunt, Daniel Principal
Mabutas, Erica Assistant Principal Secretary
Madayag, Apolinario Special Education Teacher
Martinez, Lei (650) 877-8806 ex.6009 Financial Services
McCollum, Denzel Special Education Teacher
Mendez de Durfee, Alicia Spanish Teacher
Mendez, Nina Assistant Principal
Obrien, Judith English Teacher
Oliveira, Erin Physical Education Teacher
Otmishi, Sheida Computer Science Teacher
Owen, Casey Science Teacher
Padilla, Derek English Teacher, Director of Student Activities
Panosian, Sevana English Teacher
Patrick, SeaAnna English Teacher
Perkins, Rachel Math Teacher
Perusse, Erin Social Science Teacher
Petaia, Tez (650) 877-8806 ex.6000 Principal's Secretary
Pine, Christopher English Teacher
Potischman, Ashley (650) 877-8806 ex.6017 Counselor M-Reg
Ramirez, Martha Texbook Media Clerk
Ravano, Kathleen Science Teacher
Resendiz, Tania (650) 877-8806 ex.6019 Counselor A-Dif
Ringseis, Marlis Home Economics Teacher
Rivera, Daniel Science Teacher
Robbins, Breeana Photography and Art Teacher
Robinson, Kristen Math Teacher
Rodriguez, Perla (650) 877-8806 ex.6012 Registrar
Sanguinetti, Lea (650) 877-8806 ex.6018 Counselor Dig-L
Schneider, Mike English Teacher
Smith, Daniele Science Teacher
Souza, Matt Teacher Librarian
Stevenson, Feleciana Dance Director
Stewart, Rose English/Drama Teacher
Tam, Cindy English Teacher
Tin, Eric Special Education Teacher
Torres, Doug Physical Education Teacher
Tsujisaka, Anthony ex.6107 Math Teacher
Villa-Brewer, Diana Special Education Teacher
Vinski, David Social Science Teacher
Wallace, Nicole Social Science Teacher
Wang-Belt, Michael Science Teacher
Westberry, Kevin Special Education Teacher
World Languages, Staff French Teacher
Yanover, David (650) 877-8806 ex.6126 Social Science Teacher