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Inter-Club Council (ICC)

Interclub Council (ICC) is an organization whose main purpose is to promote and unify student clubs on campus and to create an environment for all clubs to collaborate on activities as well as share resources and ideas so that every event is successful. ICC is comprised of people who represent the aforementioned groups whose mission is to make a difference in the El Camino High School community. Each club/organization is part of ICC in order to serve the community and school. With the help of the ICC members, the ICC is able to make the students’ experiences at El Camino High School educational, memorable and  inspi(red). 
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Director of Activities Advisor: Mr. Padilla

Clubs & Organizations


Activist Club

Advisor: Ms. Bernabe

President: Aaron Adriano and Ethan Mizzi

Meetings: Every Thursday (Lunch)

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Our mission is to provide students and an environment where they are not afraid to voice out their opinions on certain topics and to translate those feelings into bringing social change to our social environment.

Adventurous Ecology Club

Advisor: Mr. Jordan

President: Samantha Sandoval

Meetings: Every Friday (Lunch)

To inspire the conservation of the local ecosystems around El Camino High school and the community, experience the unique ecosystems of California, and educate students of the importance of maintaining the environment

Animal Club

Advisor: Ms. Perkins

President: Bella Leggero

Meetings: Every other Wednesday (Lunch)

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To raise awareness and bring knowledge to students and staff about endangered species, animal cruelty, and how to care for animals.

Art Club

Advisor: Ms. Gramegna

President: Amy Yip

Meetings: Every Monday (Lunch) in the Art Room, Room 53

To create a safe space for aspiring artists to express themselves and create art in different styles and forms.

CSF: California Scholastic Federation

Advisor: Ms. Ravano


Meetings: Every other Thursday (Lunch) in room 104

To recognize outstanding students, provide information about colleges and the opportunity to visit colleges, and to provide information on scholarships and internships.


CYC: Christian Youth Club

Advisor: Mr. Owen

President: Jenna Wu-Cardona and Malia Mar

Meetings: Every Friday (Lunch) in room 28

To invite both Christians and non-Christians who want to learn more about God while we spread general love, encouragement, and support while growing together as a community.

Colt Society

Advisor: Ms. Ellis


Meetings: Every other Wednesday (Lunch)

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To give back to any community in need through blood drive, food drives, and any other service events in the near future.


FIDM: Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Advisor: Ms. Patrick

President: Karla Ayson and Kiana Leong

Meetings: Every Wednesday (Lunch)

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To encourage diversity and confidence in our community. We strive to create an environment for all individuals to openly express themselves through our shared love of fashion.

FutureLab Club

Advisor: Ms. Ellis


Meetings: Every Wednesday (Lunch)

GSA: Gay-Straight Alliance

Advisor: Mr. Ho and Ms. Smith

Co-Presidents: Mike Calvo

Meetings: Fridays (Lunch)

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To have a support group/safe family for everyone to spread awareness and information about the LGBTQ+ community.

Interact Club

Advisor: Mr. Wang-Belt


Meetings: Every Tuesday(Lunch)

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To promote peace by putting service above ourselves and connecting people around the globe through our sister cities.

Japanime Club

Advisor: Mr. Tusijisaka

President: Ori Tougher

Meetings: Every Friday (Lunch)

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To introduce people to the many facets of Japanese pop culture and provide a place for fans to bond and collaborate over their shared interests.

Key Club

Advisor: Mr. Gassaway


Meetings: Every Monday (Lunch)

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To collaborate with various non-profits to give back to our community, and foster a passion for service in our peers. El Camino Key Club Is a student led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership.

Leo Club

Advisor: Mr. Yanover


Meetings: Every other Thursday (Lunch) room 17

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To reach out to communities to give out resources and inform our communities about global crises.

Political Science

Advisor: Ms. Perusse


Meeting: Every Tuesday (Lunch)

To encourage discussion of political ideas, both past and present, and to inspire healthy, respectful political conversations.

Psychology Club

Advisor: Mr. Haffner

President: Gianna Santos

Meeting: Every Monday (Lunch)

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To provide students with the resources to explore psychology and spread awareness in mental health topics.

SIA: Students in Action

Advisor: Mr. Padilla


Meeting: Every Thursday (Lunch) in room 13A

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To inspire and promote volunteerism, recognize unsung heroes, and create better and stronger leaders. SIA believes in creating a team through tasks and relationship-based activities and challenging each other to step up. SIA also believes in diversity, originality, creativity, and to be passionately-purpose driven. SIA aims to help others live passionately and not passively.


Writer's Block

Advisor: Mr. Pine


Meetings: Every Monday (After School)

To promote and encourage creative development through writing as well as self expression. We are a club that consists of fun workshops, discussions, activities, contests, open mics, and projects that work with poetry, story writing, novel writing, dialog writing, and poetry slams. We strive to show that writing is an art that deserves as much public attention and appreciation as music, dancing, acting, and singing. Writer’s Block is a great club for young writers to share, critique, and express each other’s writings.