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The California State University is all about access and excellence. The CSU gives you the tools you need to succeed in life, professionally and personally. There are 23 campuses from which to choose, with over 200 degree and certificate programs. You'll be in contact with faculty who are not only top in their fields, but also committed to teaching. If you go to a CSU, you join a dynamic and diverse community of students. The CSU's goal is to challenge you to achieve your potential for success both now and in the future. There are over 2.5 million CSU alumni.

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Cal State Apply

CALSTATE APPLY is a website designed to help students and their families learn about the California State University (CSU) system. It assists students in planning for college, in selecting the appropriate CSU campus to attend, in planning how to finance their education, and in applying for admission.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is designed to improve access and retention of historically low-income and educationally disadvantaged students. EOP students have the potential and demonstrated motivation to perform satisfactorily at a CSU, but they have not been able to realize their fullest potential because of their economic or educational background. The program provides admission and academic assistance to EOP-eligible undergraduate students. In many cases, the program offers financial assistance to eligible students. Campuses tailor their programs to accommodate the needs of their student population.

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Early Assessment Program (EAP)

The Early Assessment Program (EAP) is a collaborative effort among the State Board of Education (SBE), the California Department of Education (CDE) and the California State University (CSU). The program was established to provide opportunities for students to measure their readiness for college-level English and mathematics in their junior year of high school, and to facilitate the opportunities for them to improve their skills during their senior year.

When juniors take the California Standards Tests (CSTs) for English Language Arts and Algebra II or Summative High School Math, there will be a brief set of optional multiple-choice questions that are part of the EAP.

The EAP lets you know whether you are ready for college-level coursework in English and mathematics at the end of your junior year of high school. A significant benefit of the EAP is that students who have demonstrated proficiency for college-level coursework on the basis of their EAP results are exempt from taking the CSU and participating CCC placement tests for English and mathematics and move directly into college-level classes upon enrollment.

You can access Web-based English and math college prep interactive tutorials to assist you in improving your skills while in high school. To learn more about the EAP tutorials, please visit the CSU Success Web site at CSU Success. You can also find information about the EAP, your results, and how to get ready for college on the EAP Web site at College EAP.


English Placement Test (EPT) & Entry-Level Mathematics Test (ELM)

CSU requires you to take the English Placement Test (EPT) and the Entry-Level Mathematics Test (ELM) before you enroll. Your scores will determine which math and English courses you take to begin your career at CSU. The EPT and ELM are not admissions tests. They will not affect your admission to any CSU campus-they simply help determine which courses best match your level of performance in math and English.

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