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Star Wars Homecoming 2015!

May the 4th Year be with you.

2014 Homecoming Winners! The Juniors and their advisors,Ms. Ofrecio and I!

Ms. Ofrecio and I and our homecoming winners - the junior class!

Rachel Perkins

Math Links

pearsonrealize.com - Online textbook, username: first&last with some modification, pw: initials+birthday+last4digits

mathxlforschool.com - Online homework, username is your g-apps.ssfusd.org email, pw: self created

drive.google.com - Where to store documents and other stuff related to school, username is id@g-apps.ssfusd.org, pw: birthday+last4digits

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Yearbookavenue.com - Where we upload and create!

Classroom.google.com - Where deadlines, posts, forms can all be found!

Replayit.com - Where students, parents, and staff can upload their photo submissions!


Parallel lines have so much in common, it's a shame they will never meet.  Har har har.


Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  By visiting this site, you will find additional information that may be interesting and informative.  First, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Rachel Perkins and I grew up in San Jose, CA.  I attended California Distinguished Schools until high school.  My first 2 years of high school was spent at a NCLB "needs improvement" school.  At the first chance to transfer out, I transferred to the newest and best scoring high school in the district for the remaining 2 years of high school.

By much of a disappointment, I reached AP Calculus my Junior year of high school without the fundamental math understanding needing to take on Calculus.  I was highly discouraged of my favorite subject dropping out of AP Calculus junior year, flying through AP Statistics senior year, and pursued something unrelated in college.

I earned my B.A. in Psychology from San Diego State University in a mere 3.5 years before realizing I didn't want to attend graduate school in Psychology.  In preparation, I studied for the GRE, a graduate entrance exam, in which I found out how much I missed "doing Math".

I found myself working "backwards" and attending community college after my Bachelor's degree. I finally retook Calculus then the progression of all upper-level math courses offered at community college.  I spent 18 months tutoring/working in a public and private school setting from Kindergarten to community college before earning my credential.

I earned my Master's Degree in Teaching as well as my single-subject credential from University of California, Irvine.  I strongly believe in students learning a deeper conceptual understanding of math, as well as procedural knowledge.  Having taught for a few years now, I am continuing to evolve my practice to better met the needs and demands of my students.

In addition to being the Yearbook Teacher, I was the most spirited teacher (3 years in a row), the Animal Club adviser, and the Cosmetology Club Adviser.

On a more personal level, I am a huge fan of sports (played Volleyball and Softball in high school) as well as music (was in leadership roles in band through college). 

If you find a good math joke, I'd love to hear it.



What a beautiful morning with the class of 2016 for Senior Sunrise

What a beautiful morning with my seniors at Senior Sunrise

Puzzle Solvers


Level 4: Ring

Level 4: Coaster
Level 6: Enigma
Perkins Perkins Steven Fulgencio
Sean Uyenoyama Bria Caranglan  
Ricardo Victor Sean Uyenoyama  
Vincent Blensdorf Vincent Blensdorf  





What did the mermaid need for math class?

Her Algae-Bra!

Pajama Day with some students in Onesies

Pajama Day with some students in Onesies