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Inter-Club Council (ICC)

ICC meets every first Thursday of each Month during 5th period
Interclub Council (ICC) is an organization whose main purpose is to promote and unify student clubs on campus and to create an environment for all clubs to collaborate on activities as well as share resources and ideas so that every event is successful. ICC is comprised of people who represent the aforementioned groups whose mission is to make a difference in the El Camino High School community. Each club/organization is part of ICC in order to serve the community and school. With the help of the ICC members, the ICC is able to make the students’ experiences at El Camino High School educational, memorable and  inspi(red). 

ASB Chairman: Patricia Anne Manubay

Director of Activities Advisor: Mr. Padilla

Clubs & Organizations

What are clubs up to?


Adventurous Ecology Club

Advisor: Mr. Jordan

President: Elizabeth Dela Rosa

Meetings: Every Wednesday (Lunch) in room 43

Facebook Group: Click here!

Adventurous Ecology club is all about learning ecology in the most fun way possible with many great adventures along the way. We continuously recycle cans and water bottles in an effort to be green. Our main idea as a club is to enforce an idea of fun, ambition, and to encourage the exploration of new activities with an ecological mind and spirit.

Animal Club

Advisor: Ms. Shayesteh

President: Andrea Ruvalcaba

Meetings: Every other Wednesday (Lunch) in room 46

Facebook Group: Click Here!

Animal Club is a club where students will be able to raise awareness about animal cruelty and give ideas to prevent it. In this club, we will be giving hand-on experience with animals and supporting shelters.



Art Club

Advisor: Ms. Bowman

President: Ariel Abedejos

Meetings: Every Thursday (Lunch) in the Art Room, Room 53

The main goal of art club is to provide artistic students with a creative outlet to express themselves in among other students that are like them.

CSF: California Scholastic Federation

Advisor: Ms. Ravano

President: James Hu

Meetings: Every other Thursday (Lunch) in room 104


CSF, or the California Scholarship Federation, is a club dedicated to students preparing to enter college. This club focuses on those who excel in their studies and gives back to the school community by offering tutoring sessions for students by their own peers in the library before and/or after school. In addition, CSF provides members opportunities to visit local colleges and increase students’ understanding towards each campus.


CYC: Christian Youth Club

Advisor: Mrs. Panosian

President: Daniel Oliviera

Meetings: Every Thursday (Lunch) in room 28

CYC is a God-believing, Bible-based Christian club with the goal of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the campus and community. This club provides an atmosphere in which students can freely engage in prayer, fellowship, messages, debates, and much more. People of all beliefs and faiths are welcome.

Colt Society

Advisor: Ms. Jordan

President: Rebecca Yang

Meetings: Every other Thursday (Lunch) in room 102


Being the first club ever at El Camino, Colt Society is a community involved flub filled with a lof of fun and many opportunities for students. In this fantastic club, we coordinate two blood drives, one in the fall and one in the spring, as well as food drives that we host. Our club is about serving the community, meeting new people, and having fun at the same time. So come and join us, Colt Society! Make new friends and change lives.


Cosmetology Club

Advisor: Ms. Lam

President: Michaela Orque

Meetings: Every Wednesday (Lunch) in Room 70

ECC is a club that helps those interested in the artistic world of makeup, from individuals being introduced into the works of cosmetology to make up guru’s! From creative nail tutorials and interesting hair tips to simple makeup methods, ECC looks to aspire all to join them in their journey of discovering their inner love for cosmetology!

French Club

Advisor: Ms. Wray

President: Lotus Lum

Meetings: Every other Thursday (Lunch) in room 31

French Club is a way for students to learn more about the French culture and language. Our club will be reaching out to students in France as pen pals to go more in depth of the French Culture. The students will be connecting with them through social media.

FIDM: Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

GSA: Gay-Straight Alliance

Advisor: Mr. Rivera and Ms. Smith

Co-Presidents: Dave Gammad & Payal Ram

Meetings: Every Tuesday (Lunch) in room 43

Facebook Group: Click here!

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) is an open club working to make school a safe and welcoming enviroment for all students regardless of their sexual orientation or sexual identity. GSA’s goal is to bring closer LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) and straught students together and make an effort to end stereotypes, homophobia and transphobia, educate people on LGBT rights and history, and to help LGBT students have free right and freedom of expression. Join GSA and together we can create HOPE!

Glee Club

Advisor: Mr. Galela

President: Jonathan Oei

Meetings: Every Tuesday (lunch) in the Choir Room

Interact Club

Advisor: Mr. Compton

President: Ryan Romero

Meetings: Every Wednesday (Lunch) in room 18

Facebook Group: Click Here!


Interact clubs, sponsored by individual Rotary clubs, are youth service clubs for 12-18 year old students. Interact stands for International Action and therefore promotes and advocates international understanding and awareness through the multitude of service projects that are executed in the local community as well as  around the world.Through Interact, we are enabled to tackle the issues in our community that we care about the most, carry out hands-on service projects, make international connections, develop leadership skills, and have fun!


Japanime Club

Advisor: Ms. Patrick

President: Victoria Rees

Meetings: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Key Club

Advisor: Mr. Vinski

President: James Hu

Meetings: Every Monday (Lunch) in room 14

Facebook Group: Click here!

Key Club is a service club dedicated to address both local and international issues. Key Club spans throughout the entire world; in addition to providing students an opportunity to serve the community, Key Club offers its members a way to build character and leadership skills, and a venue to meet peers with similar desires to contribute.

Leo Club

Advisor: Mr. Yanover

Co-Presidents: Sabrina Wong & Shannon Isozaki

Meetings: Every other Thursday (Lunch) room 17

Leo Club is focused on giving students the opportunity to gain leadership experiences through volunteering. Leo club does various events around the community where students can develop other leadership skills. Through Leo, students are encouraged to continue to volunteer to help out the community.

Red Cross Club

Advisor: Ms. Bochow
President: Karina Dea
Meetings: Every Tuesday at Lunch in Room 24

Members are encouraged to spread the Red Cross fundamentals of Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity, and Universality.

Soroptimist Club (S-Club)

Advisor: Ms. Smith

President: Kristyn Cheng

Meeting: Every Friday (Lunch) in room 40

S-Club, also known as Soroptimist Club or Service Club, was established to help and serve the community. S-Club encourages joining students to get involved and help the community little by little while having fun at the same time with hands on activities. Serving is taught to not be a forced job, but a privilege in trying to make the world a better place. S-Club is a constant funder for CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse) Foundation and will be involved with a Water Conservation Project.

SIA: Students in Action

Advisor: Mr. Padilla

President: Patricia Anne Manubay

Meeting: Every Thursday (Lunch) in room 13A

Facebook Group: Click Here!


Students in Action (SIA) is a powerful service club whose main purpose is to inspire volunteerism, develop leadership skills, promote service, and recognize service leaders. Students in Action is in charge of creating service events, projects, and to record everything the school contributes to the community. SIA is a different kind of service club who encourages others to get involved with the community, develops school leaders, and grow together as a team and family. Students in Action goes to yearly leadership trainings and conferences, Giant’s Games, and We Day.


Technology Club

Advisor: Mr. Lau

President: Conor Falvey

Meetings: Every Wednesday (Lunch) in room 7

Facebook Group: Click Here!


Our purpose is to inform and educate the members of Technology Club of the basics and many uses of modern day technologies (ie. Computers, Routers, Electronics) in the hopes to help them succeed, get ahead in the school and work environment, and how to use it to their benefit.



Writer's Block

Advisor: Mr. Pine

President: Alma Navarro

Meetings: Every Monday (After School)

Writer’s Block is a creative writing club that promotes and encourages creative development through writing as well as self expression. We are a club that consists of fun workshops, discussions, activities, contests, open mics, and projects that work with poetry, story writing, novel writing, dialog writing, and poetry slams. We strive to show that writing is an art that deserves as much public attention and appreciation as music, dancing, acting, and singing. Writer’s Block is a great club for young writers to share, critique, and express each other’s writings.